pearl jam on tour

Pearl Jam are back on tour!

Pearl Jam are back on tour! Pearl Jam have been at the forefront of Rock music for an age. The massively successful group peaked during the 90s grunge era and have always held a place in any rock lovers music collection. The Band are going to kick off a European tour in Amsterdam ending at Milton Keynes Bowl. Prices start out at £55 and are available from Friday 21st this month. I recommend getting in there early as they are sure to sell out fast. There is more info here.

Solar Panels Produce More Power Listening to Music

solar panels listen to musicA recent study showed when solar panels are hooked up to rock music the cells increased output by up to 40%!  They tested rock, pop and classical music but the higher pitched, faster rock music was much more effective. Classical music does increase output but not by as much.

The study can be found here and was published by  “Advanced materials” queen Mary university of London.

Lawsuit Vs top Rap stars over Sample copyright

Paul batiste is suing top rap stars DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and T-Pain whom are some of the biggest names in the industry. The list doesn’t stop there; record labels RCA Records, Sony, Universal, Def Jam, EMI Blackwood and most other labels have all been mentioned.

The Batiste Brothers Band Lawyer has said several songs have been out right copied. Other songs have been copied multiple times meaning collectively in total the Jazz group is suing for over $100M.

Batiste Brothers band lawsuits

Previously the band has taken up several lawsuits over similar matters. Most of which had been settled out of court. This shows Batiste more than likely had a strong case in each circumstance.