Top 30 best lead singers of the world

Songs and music are like a life line for most of us. While exercising, cooking, dancing (obviously), studying, and reading, we all find solace in songs. This list brings to you the top lead singers of all times, some of whom you probably might have heard and some you might have never heard of. Either ways after reading this list, grab a CD of one of these singers and I am sure, you will never want to stop listening to them. YES, THEY ARE THAT GREAT!

30. The sound of young America

the brassy and sassy voice you often hear in the old collection of your grandparents belongs to Martha Lavelle later known as Martha Reeves was famously known under the band name of Martha and the Vandellas. She started her career from a night club performance in Detroit where she was noticed for her catchy voice by William Mickey Stevenson in 1962. Martha Reeves has been on the road to success ever since with her gospel reared voice.

29. Blondie

A music icon because of her blond hair and photogenic face is famous for leading the wave band Blondie. Debbie Harry met her co band partner, guitarist, Chris Stein in 1970s and the two together set on a journey of creating a world famous band, Blondie. Blondie is responsible for creating a new wave in the genre of rock music, introducing punk, reggae, funk and other music styles.

28. The Supremes

Diana Ross is a perfect example of a teenager who started using her talent of singing from a very young age and introduced the world with the trio of The Supremes. Her career as a performer who went through up swings and down swings and still stood up has spanned for more than four decades.

27. Black Francis

Born with the name Charles Michael Kittredge Thompson IV and known as Black Francis in his Pixies day. After the disbanding of the Pixies in 1993, he emerged as Frank Black. Frank Black looks more like a geography teacher due to his style but his weirdness, ability to sing in Spanish, his shrill shriek and his obsession with choosing lyrics from the theme of religion, incest etc all made him a trademark of rock music. Many artists state that the rock music of the 90’s would have been very different without this icon.

26. King of Motown

William Robinson Jr. later known as Smokey Robinson is a prolific singer, a genius songwriter, producer and the American Idol Mentor. He has been credited for writing over 4000 songs with hits like Tracks of My Tears, Love Machine and Tears of a Clown. Smokey Robinson has also been the vice president of Motown Records and wrote hits and records for bands like The Temptations and Mary Wells. For a greater inside in this King’s life which was not free from ups and downs, get a copy of his biography ‘Smokey: Inside My Life’.

25. Iggy Pop

belonging to the band that had major influence on the genre of punk and metal rock, The Stooges, Iggy Pop originally known as James Newell Osterberg Jr. was a ball of energy during the 70’s. Besides his famous songs, he is also known for his stage antics which constituted of rolling in broken glass, exposing himself to the audience and is also sometimes credited for introducing stage diving. One of his hit songs is an enduring rock classic known as Real Wild Child. He formed the Psychedelic Stooges in 1967 which was later known as The Stooges.

24. Fleetwood Mac

Stephanie Lynn Nicks, later known as Stevie Nicks, is the sensational singer of Fleetwood Mac with whom she signed a deal in 1975 and becoming one of the most iconic lead singer of all times. After the induction of Stevie Nicks and Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac, the band sold 3 million copies which included some of Nicks’ famous tracks like Landslide and Rhiannon.

23. The Clash

A gifted, charismatic and brilliant singer, fronts men and songwriter who changed his name from John Graham Mellor to Joe Strummer to showcase his changed lifestyle. An icon of punk music and also the co founder of the punk band, The Clash.

22. White Stripes

John Anthony Gillis later known as Jack White is a famous guitarist and drummer from the influential rock band of the 2000s, White Stripes. He possesses the charisma and star like quality that is needed in an icon like him is the singer of the hit song fell in love with a Girl.

21. Oasis

With an extremely British and mesmerizing voice, Liam Gallagher is the founder of the famous band Oasis. Liam Gallagher became famous after his debut song Supersonic and hit albums like Definitely Maybe has made him one of the best fronts men of all times.

20. Mozzer

The man who made wearing blouses and walking around with a bouquet of flowers down their trousers comfortable for men, Stephen Patrick Morrissey is famously known for his eccentric style and acidic lyrics.

19. Rush

Rock Legend, Geddy Lee is one of the most influential musicians of all times and is known for his skill and stylized technique on the bass guitar.

18. A Rock Star

The Who’s Roger Daltery is known for his dynamic stage performance and his famous for his art form of mic swinging. He is an extremely versatile, expressive and rock singer who knows how to handle the rock opera.

17. Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is one of those singers who stand out every time he starts singing. He has also served as the judge of American Idol. If you have never listened to the passionate and earth whirling voice of Steven Tyler then you are definitely missing an important part of your life. His hits include I don’t want to miss a thing, dream on, walk this way etc.

16. AC/DC

Bon Scott made a mark in the history of rock ‘n’ roll with his rasping, cool voice and mischievous grin. He had a captivating presence and killer vocals. True rock n roll legends and fans still feel his absence and miss him sorely.

15. Dream Theatre

James LaBrie is respected for his vocal prowess and belongs to a class of musicians of the highest order.

14. Mick Jagger

besides being famous for his amazing history in the rock ‘n’ roll world, Sir Mick Jagger is also commonly known for his extracurricular activities which include anarchy, art, sex and drugs.

13. Tool

An odd and enigmatic man, Maynard James Keenan hides his real identity on stage by using wigs, gas masks, clown outfits etc.

12. Metallica

James Hetfield known as a heavy metal monolith and the front man of the rock Music Radar.

11. Jim Morrison

He is the charismatic, acidic, honest and poetic singer and talisman of the band The Doors.

10. The Beatles

a list of leading singers of all times is incomplete without one of the lead singer of The Beatles, Paul McCartney. If you haven’t listened to The Beatles, you are missing the unthreatening and pacifying voice of Paul and also his mesmerizing and saucer shaped eyes.

9. Muse

Matt Bellamy of the Muse has such a powerful voice that you can hear it even after the unbending guitar sounds and the overblown light shows.

8. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is said to have the most visceral and primal vocal ever recorded. He is highly regarded for his passion and authenticity.

7. Radiohead

Thom Yorke’s multi instrumentalism, lyrics on the theme of politics and unique delivery has turned Radiohead in one of the most lauded bands of the world.

6. Bruce Dickson

with his powerful voice in both high and low notes and hyperactivity on stage makes him one of the greatest performers of all times.

5. John Lennon

John Lennon of The Beatles needs no description. With his extensive showcasing of emotions and acumen in playing instruments, John Lennon is one of the greatest singers this world has ever seen.

4. Ronnie James Dio

Do not go on this man’s height which is only 5’4, his voice, in fact, sounds like a voice of a giant and he is one of the most influential people of heavy metal. His death was a major blow for his fans who continue to give him tributes and reliving his moments.

3. Robert Plant

The heavy archetypal rock front man is one of the most influential people of all times with his high vocals and curly blond hair, he made his way into history by paving the way for heavy metal.

2. Freddie Mercury

He is an icon of the vest, mustache and flamboyant appearance and is also known for holding the world in his palm in 1985 during Queen’s live performance. He was a charismatic figure who made rock history.

1. Axl Rose

Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses is a born rock star being the step child of Steven Tyler and Robert Plant, this dangerous, lean, controversial and hotheaded singer is known as the greatest lead singer of all times.


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Pearl Jam are back on tour!

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Top tips on saving money for Tour

At the start of any new band most people aren’t in it for the money and its just the passion for the music that drives them forward. Lets face it, 90% of musicians are broke, dead broke. Statistically speaking overall mid and low level artists are some of the lowest paid of any career path. In fact many are on the breadline and boarder line poverty stricken.

Its for the love of the music man! And I hear you, preaching to the choir. Many of you im sure have full time jobs or part time jobs that you have to put up with to make ends meet. That’s fine, its not what you love but something you have to grin and bear.

At a certain stage in a bands life, almost all of them, you will have the desire to tour. This can let the rest of the world know about how awesome your music truly is and create life long fans. It makes a lot of sense and can be a lot of fun. It’s part of band life and may even help form stronger relationships with bandmates. Oh but how are you going to explain to your boss that you are leaving for 8 weeks because you have to go on tour! I’m sure that’s not going to go down well. For most this is totally impractical and can make life frustrating as hell.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. There are many professions out there that can be flexible in nature. You have to look hard and dig deep. Let me help you out with some examples of career choices that can help you live the lifestyle you need:

  1. Full time poker pros

Yes, full time pros do exist and make decent money playing a game online. It’s not easy and really not for everyone though. It takes time, dedication to learn and a high level of concentration. However there are training video sites out there that can really increase your learning curve.

  1. Running an online business

Setting up shop online is not easy and will take some time to learn the ropes. Thankfully there are many useful resources around online for anyone willing to put the time in and learn the ropes. This is great for someone that will often be away or out of town for some time. It’s possible to make money when you are sleeping.

  1. Retraining as a forklift operator

Training as a forklift operator not only means you open yourself up to countless in demand positions nationwide but also you will have a lifetime skill. You can pretty much find jobs anywhere in this field. Earning you licence can be done fairly easily if you know where to look for information ( It isn’t that expansive to gain your licence and you can pay off the training in little time of employment thereafter.

  1. Freelance Mechanic and repair man. Hand in hand with a forklift driver, mechanics and repair men are needed and it’s a timeless job. Think of all the things you own that could need a repair man to fix when thing go wrong. Going freelance means you can be your own boss and schedule your hours and holidays. There is high demand it can pay very well too.

Lawsuit Vs top Rap stars over Sample copyright

Paul batiste is suing top rap stars DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and T-Pain whom are some of the biggest names in the industry. The list doesn’t stop there; record labels RCA Records, Sony, Universal, Def Jam, EMI Blackwood and most other labels have all been mentioned.

The Batiste Brothers Band Lawyer has said several songs have been out right copied. Other songs have been copied multiple times meaning collectively in total the Jazz group is suing for over $100M.

Batiste Brothers band lawsuits

Previously the band has taken up several lawsuits over similar matters. Most of which had been settled out of court. This shows Batiste more than likely had a strong case in each circumstance.